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Enjoy relaxing massages at Boutique & Art Hotel Lenz. We offer a wide range of soothing wellness treatments. Whether classic or with essential fragrance oils – let yourself be pampered from head to toe.

Massage times

Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 6.30 pm.


Pre-registration is required. Please use the
Contact form or call us at
+49 (0) 399 32 / 829 488.

Classic massage

During the classic massage, tensions in the back and neck are released, the muscles are loosened. Blood circulation and metabolism are positively stimulated, which contributes to a better body awareness.

Full body 45 min (70 €)
Back 25 min (40 €)

Aroma oil massage

This gentle treatment with natural essential oils has a particularly positive effect on body, mind and soul. The skin is intensively cared for and the muscles sustainably relaxed.

Full body 50 min (80 €)
Back 25 min (40 €)

Chinese foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is not only a benefit for the feet, but also an effective massage technique that can relieve tension throughout the body, as during the treatment the reflex zones are specifically addressed.

45 min ( 55 €)

Japanese head massage

Experience noticeable relaxation through a vitalizing head massage. Possible tensions in the head or neck area are loosened, blood circulation is improved.

25 min (45 €)

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